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Continuous learning is the concept of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise. Training your employees to learn new skills can improve job performance and job satisfaction, allowing you to maintain your workforce, and reduce the costs associated with low employee retention.

Providing training on a larger level, professional organizations and community stakeholders that conduct local, regional, or national conferences are always seeking dynamic and impactful presenters to teach best practices that can be useful in daily work life.

Full-Circle Fundraising can provide staff training in person or virtually that is customized to meet your organization's needs. We can also present to small groups including your board of directors, or at any professional conference.

Improving Productivity

System Training

Nonprofits often secure various systems to manage their operations including Microsoft Business 365 and various donor or marketing systems. This technology often becomes a challenge with employee turnover and instead of securing training, new software is secured instead of learning how to effectively use what we already have.

Hiring Full-Circle Fundraising to review your current systems against your updated goals can result in major cost and time savings!

Staff Training

Does the staff need support in fund development or marketing? Does your board need help understanding its role in fundraising?


We can provide customized training to meet your organization's unique needs!

Designed to fit your budget and timetable, Full-Circle Fundraising may be able to lend you the support you need to build staff capacity through educational programming. 

Professional Presentations

We offer a variety of trainings that can be provided for your group gathering including:

  • How to Spring Clean Your CRM and Maximize Your Database

  • Reverse Engineer Your Grant Application

  • Grant Budgeting 

  • Board Fundraising without Asking for Money

  • Time Management Using Office 365

Case Study

The Well CDC secured the services of Full-Circle Fundraising in 2023 to offer training in Donor Perfect, a CRM used by the nonprofit to manage fund development efforts. With staff turnover, so often prevalent in the nonprofit sector, resulting in the loss of institutional knowledge relating to events management, they needed a refresher course on how to manage an upcoming fundraiser.

Once we identified the goals for using the CRM for event management, we offered a 90-minute session to review how the system could be used to improve event management. The team provided Full-Circle Fundraising with access to the CRM in advance of the presentation so an audit could be conducted to determine how to best use the system and to see how it was currently being used. 

Staff was trained on how to enter event details, create invitations and manage responses and registrations, track sponsorships, and how to update the settings for code maintenance so as to be able to produce reports.  As a result of the collaboration, we also discovered new opportunity areas to improve sponsorship solicitation and the coordination of sponsorship benefits, which was not one of our planned outcomes.

As a result, staff learned new ways to support financial sponsors, which will improve their relationship with those partners and result in improved donor retention.

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