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Nonprofits must communicate effectively with multiple audiences, including donors, volunteers, clients, potential clients, funders, board members, and the general public. It is not always enough to have one message via one channel. Instead, we must have multiple messages communicated via both analog and digital sources and often have no budget available to purchase advertising, boost posts, or distribute "swag". 

With experience in maximizing messaging with the least amount of resources, Full-Circle Fundraising can help you find creative solutions to support your messaging efforts.

Messaging for Every Audience

Identify the Need

We can conduct a marketing audit and create a comprehensive marketing plan or a plan to promote a specific need such as an appeal, an impact/annual report, or social media campaign. We will review your Google Analytics to determine your Search Engine Optimization for your website, look at your social media channels and website.

Develop Content

Whether you need to develop content for your website or social media channels, we can put together a plan to support your goals. We have experience in applying for and administering the Google AdWord Grant for Non-Profits to provide you with free online advertising too!

Branding and
Public Relations

With experience in branding and re-branding, we will use CANVA tools to create a brand and style guide to create consistent messaging for your organization. Full-Circle Fundraising can also develop a Crisis Communications Plan, press releases, organizational collateral, appeals, and mission and vision statements.

Case Study

Before launching Full-Circle Fundraising, founder Dawn Moeglin had the challenge of re-branding a $12 million, multi-county, multi-service provider that had been in existence for nearly 40 years under the name Mature Services. Providing multiple programs to support older adults, including job training, Meals-on-Wheels, behavioral health services, and more, the name of the organization was causing some disturbing challenges with its online presence being flagged for "adult content". As the importance of the internet continued to grow, the board of directors and leadership made the difficult decision to rename and rebrand the organization.


The challenge was the budget for rebranding was essentially "$0.00" and everything from the graphic designing to the website had to be completed in-house by the Community Engagement team. The team also had to rebrand two federally funded programs with its branding and another national program with its new brand. Six programs, six identities, and 3 unique branding guidelines on a zero budget? No problem, within 18 months, we launched our new name and brand - VANTAGE Aging. 

Stakeholders were invited to focus groups to discuss the name and visual identity of the brand. A style and brand guide was created to align all of the programs and their funder requirements. A website was built from the ground up and integrated with a new marketing and donor software system. New logos were designed by a program participant in the job training program. Eventually, it all came together beautifully and the organization no longer had online challenges with being flagged for inappropriate content.

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