Strategies | Planning and Support
  • Project Execution and Management

  • Program Creation and Development

  • System Training and Implementation including Donor CRMs, Microsoft Office, Google Analytics

  • Evaluation and SWOT analysis of resource requirements and organizational needs.

  • Audit processes and procedures for internal communications to identify and eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency utilizing existing technology.

  • Review and updating of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to licensing, funding, and governing entities.

  • Development of an engagement strategy for the board of directors and volunteers.

  • Development and implementation of tracking tools to coordinate with funder requirements.

Fundraising | Creating Sustainable Solutions
  • Development and drafting of a case statement for the organization.

  • Development of a campaign or appeal letter.

  • Conducting prospect research and providing a minimum of 10 funding sources.

  • Development and drafting of a comprehensive fund-development plan to maximize existing resources including database, email marketing program, and a shared drive platform.

  • Development and drafting of corporation sponsorship packages.

  • Development and drafting of board-giving proposals and tracking.

  • Event Management which may include:

    • Evaluate goals and objectives

    • Determine staffing and volunteer requirements

    • Establish the type of event and serve as a project manager by overseeing the production timeline and logistics

    • Provide pre-and-post communication support to key stakeholders

    • Manage outreach, tracking, and follow-up for event sponsors and guests, ensuring all sponsorship benefits are fulfilled

    • Marketing and design of event materials and external communications

  • Grant Writing Services which may include:

    • Needs Assessment & Grant Research:  Includes conducting the initial needs assessment, researching and developing a list of grant opportunities; and project proposal and action plan, the timeline for completion, and a structural framework for applying for the grant.

    • Grant Proposal:  Writing grant proposals include a letter of intent; planning, developing and writing the proposal; and editing.

    • Related Services: Commonly include program development, annual budget or program budget development, and sustainability plan.

Communications | Messaging for Every Audience
  • A brand and style guide.

  • A Crisis Communication Plan.

  • A Press Release.

  • An organizational brochure or annual report.

  • Development and fundraising appeals.

  • Nonprofit mission and vision statement.

We can also provide:

  • A marketing audit and creation of a comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Web content and creation.

  • Development and drafting of an annual content calendar.

  • Assist in applying for a Google AdWord Grant for Non-Profits.

  • Create a social media presence across platforms such as:

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

    • Instagram

  • Search Engine Optimization.

  • Website audit and strengthening of website.

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